Hi, I'm Donji!

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a Product Designer with 5 years

of experience, previously at Metabob

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User Interface

UX Design

A 2D meta-verse app that lets users float around and talk to other users when your bubble touches theirs.

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Web App

Generative AI for refactoring and debugging code. Metabob detects, explains, and fixes coding problems created by humans and AI.

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Gift App

UI Design

App Design

An app for creating and sending premium physical notes from your phone, featuring high quality papers, wax seals, twine, and insert graphics.

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User Research


Get a detailed look into my design process. In this section, I go over the individual methodologies I used, and show the projects I used them in.

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about me

I love creating products from 0 to 1 and all of my experiences so far have reflected this. I have a passion for product design, I'm hard working, enthusiastic, and I have experience in the AI and the self-driving car industry.

I love problem solving, talking to users and working with developers to bring designs to life! I am comfortable with learning new technologies and actively enjoy doing so.

I hope you find the projects I have created interesting and that you are also someone I can connect with and learn from. I appreciate that you have taken the time to read this!

P.S. My other name is Theodore, which I use for my email and paperwork.

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Entrepreneur / Founder @Metabob
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It is my pleasure to deliver this letter of recommendation for Theodore Yamada-Dessert as he strives to fill the position of Designer at your reputable company.

As CEO at Metabob Inc, I've had the opportunity to observe Theodore’s work ethic and creativity on a daily basis over the past 2 years. He did an exemplary job of creating appealing designs that aligned with our product focus and assured that the application’s user experience was constantly clean, simple, and stylish.

Theodore’s curious mindset truly showed in his work, as he seemed to constantly learn and develop new skills, which he then brought to use in his designs and approach. There was never a shortage of creativity from him: he recommended numerous new approaches, and did all of this with a great attitude for teamwork.

Working with Theodore was an overall joy. He paid close attention to any requests for changes, and executed what was required. His friendly personality and professionalism make him the ideal candidate for any design position.
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Senior Product Manager, Previously Director of Education @Hamony Plus
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I am writing to recommend Donji for any position related to UX design instruction or curriculum development. I had the pleasure of working closely with Donji during my tenure as the Program Manager of the Future Entrepreneur Challenge program at Harmony Plus, where Donji served as our instructor for UX design. It was a pleasure collaborating with him.

There are three exceptional qualities that I would like to highlight about Donji's expertise and contributions:

1. Course design and collaboration: Donji demonstrated expertise and dedication in designing the UX design course. He worked closely with our team to create a comprehensive and engaging curriculum that met the needs of our middle and high school students. Donji's ability to integrate theoretical concepts with practical exercises ensured a valuable learning experience. He was responsive, approachable, and communicated effectively, contributing to the success of our programs.

2. Student outcomes: I was impressed with the quality of work produced by the students under Donji's guidance. Donji's experience in UX design across various industries allowed him to effectively guide our students with diverse business ideas. He shared valuable insights, tools, and examples to enrich their projects and learning experience. Despite the relatively short duration of the course, Donji's teaching empowered students to acquire UX design concepts and apply them creatively. The students' final projects showcased their skills and understanding, and I consistently received positive feedback from parents and students.

3. Course execution and student engagement: Among all the instructors I have worked with, Donji stands out for his exceptional ability to engage and connect with young students. I sat in almost all classes and found his classes very informative and enjoyable. Donji created an inclusive environment, ensuring that even shy or less confident students felt comfortable expressing their ideas. He demonstrated patience and provided individualized guidance to help students unlock their potential.

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Donji and I believe his expertise, teaching skills, and collaborative work ethic make him an asset to any organization.

If you have any further questions or require additional information regarding Donji's qualifications, please do not hesitate to contact me.
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Donji is an enthusiastic worker, creative, UX designer and a great person to have on your team. My favorite thing about Donji is his personality - his positive energy seems to be unshakable. Solid as a rock.

When we wanted to build a website for our new digital livestream/podcast studio, Donji came up with the idea of using WebFlow (ProductionLineStudios.com) [deprecated b/c of covid]. He mastered the technology, created a template, produced many of the graphics from scratch and collaborated with a small team to develop a site that we're really proud of. And wrote some catchy blogs. All while managing the UX and development of another very large website and creating graphics for various ad campaigns and proposals.
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Entrepreneur / Founder @Artisense
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I couldn’t recommend Donji more. He was a great team player and ran several design thinking meetings that led to important insights. During meetings, he always communicated his point of view in a very direct way.

His design research skills along with his ability to explain his research findings makes Donji really stand out as a designer. When Donji wasn’t working on product design, he was assigned with various graphic design tasks which he executed with ease.

We also loved to have Donji around because of his always unflinchingly positive attitude. Ultimately, Donji was a great addition to the team, and I would highly recommend Donji as he would be an asset to any business organization.
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Whenever someone asks me about UX Design, I always show them the workflow Donji made for turning user feedback into potential features. The way he organizes features is really the best example of effective UX planning.

For Kickback.chat, the app we worked on together, he made it extremely clear what the priorities were for what to build next in order to maximize the user experience for the end user. I couldn't recommend him more!

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