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Hi, I'm Donji!

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I love creating products from 0 to 1 and all of my experiences so far have reflected this. I have a passion for product design, I'm hard working, enthusiastic, and I have experience in the AI and the self-driving car industry.

Moving forward, I am looking for UX/UI and Product Design positions in late stage startups as well as larger established companies, and I am looking to learn the ins and outs on innovating on teams that work on products that serve millions. I'm very excited to offer all of my experience to help my future team out, as well as learning from those who have consistently innovated and created products loved by many.

I love problem solving, talking to users and working with developers to bring designs to life! I am comfortable with learning new technologies and actively enjoy doing so.

I hope you find the projects I have created interesting and that you are also someone I can connect with and learn from. I appreciate that you have taken the time to read this!

P.S. My other name is Theodore, which I use for my email and paperwork.

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Work Experience

2020 to 2023

Metabob AI 📎

Lead Product Designer

Designed pretty much everything, from the UX/UI, the logo, to user research. Play an active role in product strategy, and marketing. Responsible for handing off web app designs to engineering in a concise and organized design system. Built and currently manage website.

2020 - 2021

Harmony Plus Inc  📎

UX Design Lecturer

Taught a 1 month long UX design course to middle school and high schoolers, went over the basics of UX design and taught them how to design an app from scratch starting off with design research and ending with a polished Figma prototype.

2019 - 2020

Repertoire Productions  📎

User Experience Designer

In charge of overseeing the rental website, but at any given notice I could be managing developers, building structures, laser cutting, designing, creating RFP decks, creating websites, working on animations in After Effects, or going over strategy.

2017 - 2018

Artisense Corporation  📎

Product Designer

Worked on product roadmap, Worked in Germany for 2 months, Pitched at conference in Germany- Ran design thinking meetings, Conducted design research, Created important product features out of research, Designed camera body, 3D printed camera unit, sanded & finished 3D unit, Designed pitch deck, Designed Flyers

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2022 - 2023

Learning programming with ChatGPT

C++ basics and hardware programming, react & typescript coming soon.

One of my 5 year goals is to level up and transition to becoming a UX Engineer or Technical Product Manager depending on the company and product.


1 Month Coding Bootcamp at 42

Learned C programming basics

In order to become a better UX designer, I think it's important to know the limitations and possibilities of what can be created with technology. By learning the basics of programming, I am better able to collaborate with various technical teams since I can speak their language.

2009 - 2015

SFSU School of Design  📎

B.S. in User Experience Design

The program was focused on Design research and UX design principals.
Take a look at Gift App, my senior design project.

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UX Knowledge

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Usability Testing

My Philosophy and Thoughts on the Future

One of my core philosophies is craft is important in order to go from a good to great designer. I'm honing in my programming skills and craft to be able to better collaborate with engineers and tweak their output.

Eventually my goal is to be able to contribute entire UX features in code, and transition to being a UX engineer.

I see AI as the next frontier of UX design. Being able to interact with computers using the natural language we are all use to speaking to each other with is the ultimate user experience. Its been said that the best UI is no UI at all, and that's ringing more and more true as time goes on.

I'm very interested in the intersection of hardware and AI technologies, and having smart objects you can talk to using natural language.

Some of the projects out there that have been sparking my interest lately are: Nothing Forever, anything made by Teenage Engineering, and this AI library for ChatGPT called called LangChain.

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Other non-UX work




A light up rave product that uses motion to control the way the product lights up via an accelerometer. It moves with you!

Coming SoonKickstarter


Voice UX

UX Design

An Alexa App for the elderly and the medical professionals assisting them for when they have an emergency.

Coming SoonWebsite

Design Challenge

UI Design

Web App Design

This was completed in 8 hours for a design challenge for a startup I was applying to. It demonstrates my skills when I am under pressure and have limited time.

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Portfolio Chatbot



I used several different python libraries to create an AI chatbot to help users like you to chat with my portfolio.

The designer Dieter Rams famously said, "Good Design is as little design as possible." I believe the future is less interface and more AI bots.

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