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Hello, this is a brief overview on what I think is my most important work.

A little about me

Over the years, I got to work on some of the most exciting products, each one at the genesis of the company. Some notable products I worked on were Artisense, a self driving car sensor company that was acquired, and I was the first employee, Kromakicks, a motion reactive light up rave wear product I created and launched from scratch, and Metabob, an AI company that I helped start that raised over 3 million dollars, and is still going strong.

But the crown jewel in my journey so far has been the response I received from Kromakicks. None of my projects had actual fans who just loved everything about the product like that project.

Here are some screenshots:
Our Product Marketing campaign went viral

We created a product from scratch that people who used it, and people who just saw it LOVED. It was really a great feeling to truly innovate and be recognized by the public, a feeling that I've been chasing ever since.

My only wish for that project is that we could have figured out the manufacturing out so we could have brought the product price point down to something people would be willing to buy it for, but thats a story for another time. This is one of my motivations for seeking out work at companies with more resources and reach.

If you are wondering what my intentions are for working at your company, its to make this happen for a product under your roof that actually makes it to the hands of millions. I want people to not only find the things I create to be useful, but also deeply loved.

Here is the video of our kickstarter going over our product:

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Donji Yamada-Dessert
Product Designer

Donji is a Product Designer with 10 years of experience. His interests include AI prompt engineering, surfing, and going to Art Museums.

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